Carole Pressnall

Carole Pressnall M.F.A.

Master of Fine Arts / The Maryland Institute of Art. Maryland public school system / Art teacher for 34 years.

My Creative Creed…
The soul must be tapped if our art is to survive after we are gone. If our soul-personality does not permeate our creations…we are but artists who chronicle time. If we are not encapsulating our most striking emotions in our artistic activities, we are not really telling the whole story of our thus-far, creative lives.
I want people to ask questions in their mind when viewing my art…and to wonder about the piece, long after they have walked away. Although this is agreeably, the highest honor an artist can hope to receive, it none-the-less comes with an emotional price. Because we have managed to invest a little piece of our soul; parting with our beloved creation is sometimes difficult..

Technique and Materials…
I usually find myself going way beyond the strict code of the purist -- wherein nothing can be retouched, traced, or colorized. Using every material and technique at my disposal, I try to create an emotional canvas that poses questions and stirs poignant mind-sets; whereupon you gleam a hint of something strange and mysterious happening… something more than just a well-crafted photograph or painting.

At times I use acrylic, "Interference" paint; which adds a shimmering, otherworldly look to my artwork. I find that layering metallic gel pens onto photographs, can often transform them into something magical and more-haunting…than what was captured by the camera's critical eye.

"I feel that just being a recorder of Mother Earth's images limit's our artistic mind's eye as well as our hearts - as to what she truly has to offer."


Adler Gallery 2006 / 07  /08 / 09 / 10 / 11 / 12

Coba Café 2008 / 2009 Creative Alliance 1998 - 2009 Gallery 6001 2002 - 2008 Maryland Institute 2006 / 07 /08

"Electric Blue" One Woman show: Annapolis Unitarian Art Gallery / 2003

"Public Works" Zella's Pizza / Hollins Street / October 5, 2009


Brick & Bubbles BenchladyCurbsideBlue Moon

Floating By In Blue… Faucett Art #1Closed...By The WayAbstract #1

Variation On A Theme #1Diadonal Grate #1Iron GraffitiBluewalk Mall


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