Batlina "Bat" Favitsou Boulandi

Bio | Artist Statement:

Batlina "Bat" Favitsou Boulandi, is an Artist and Educator originally from Chad, Africa. His family relocated to the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area in 1985 as Diplomats. Since the age of four, Bat has been passionate about art. He practiced it so much that it would distract him from his schoolwork. He is inspired by his love for comic books, fashion, culture, anthropology, entomology, children, travelling, and classic video games. Bat spent 10 years as an Art Educator teaching students in Elementary to High school in Baltimore City, Prince George's County, and Montgomery County. Today, Bat continues to produce artworks. He recent works focus on butterflies as they reflect his recent spiritual and physical transformation. He has recently produced three murals in Baltimore City, participating with organizations such as the Sandtown Mural Project, The Southwest Partnership, and Southwest Summerworks Collaborative 2016.

Email: Bat Favitsou Boulandi