Fran Rahl

Fran Rahl

Artist Statement:

Give an infinite number of Nikons to an infinite number of monkeys, and you will eventually get another “Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico”.

I’ve been one of the self-taught monkeys for about 50 years. Still no “Moonrise”, but I enjoy the shooting and occasionally create an interesting picture. From the beginning, I’ve done all of my own processing, shooting B&W film and chromes, and now all digital. The digital switch has been reinvigorating, permitting all of the processing work to be done in a very comfortable environment, often accompanied by food, beverage, and light.

My adolescent interest in photography was piqued by the secret acquisition of a book by famed glamour and figure photographer Peter Gowland. Figure photography remains a primary interest, nearly a half century later, although I have begun photographing draft horse (the big ones – Percherons and Clydesdales) events in a more photojournalistic style.

Joining SoWeBo Arts, Inc., has given me the recent opportunity to publicly display my photographs in their group shows. These have included: Angelfall Studios Gallery, The Carriage House Gallery, The Adler Gallery, the new SoWeBo Arts Gallery, and the lobby of the Charles Theatre.

In addition to Peter Gowland, I have been inspired by many of the prominent photographers and painters of the last century, and by many friends who are professional artists. I travel extensively and have visited many of the great and small museums in the world.

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