Terry Lang
B.A., Fine Arts, Towson University

Terry Lang

Artist Statement:

When I am not in my studio painting I am often out birding, going on nature walks, or visiting zoos and aquariums, while constantly snapping pictures. My digital photography is the usual source of inspiration for my oil paintings and prismacolor pencil drawings.
I am fascinated by the many moods of sky and water and am interested in life gesture, both animal and human. I am developing several themes in series. My Zenscapes are magnified and stylized scenes of still water and lilypads, intended to evoke a contemplative mood. My Skylife series sets birds in flight against interesting skies, designed to suggest human states of mind and emotion. In my Equilibrium series I use birds in landscape scenes that portray inner space, thought or spirit.

In my figurative work I enjoy capturing the striking poses of dance movement and burlesque, and I have a sustained interest in the nude form. Regardless of subject matter, my primary interest is in the arrangement of line, form, pattern, and color to suggest moods and emotions.