2003 Sowebo Festival Archive


Sowebo Arts Festival 2003
Art Show

Gyorgy Kostritski
Steve Hill
Jack Trimper
Richard Terrell
Reiko Matsuo
Etusuko Matsuo
Bernard McKenna
Audra Agnelly
K.M. Sheridan
Franco Marinaro
Kira Moskalionova
Alexia Hemingway
Dave Lambard
St John Blondell
Mark Coburn
Sharon Haefner
Tahir Sterrett
Erin Hall
Casey Marzell
Arron Prager
Steve Dewey
Fran Rahl
Seth Adelsberger
Uli Loskot
Michelle Kermes
Joanne Drummond
Diana Marta
Katie Lemonds
Diana Gross/John Weitz
John Weitz / Diana Gross
Jennifer Watson
Stephen Parlato
Scotty Stevenson
Melora Scanlon
Marc Braun
Timothy Murray
Bob Pyle
Christan Piette
Paul Downs
Robin Rider
The Growing Sculpture
Anthony West
Chris Rhoten
Dave Parker
Dave Scheper
Derrick Arnold
Jim Vose
John Fulcher
John Maxwell
Karl Sarr
Kerry Stagmeyer
Stewart Watson
Timothy Murray

Click on picture to see all of sculpture
The People's Favorite Awards Winners
2 Dimensional Piece
Stephen Parlato
"Queen of the Sky"
Archival digital print on canvas

3 Dimensional Piece
Marc Braun
"Box Of Nails"

Favorite Soweboposter
Kathy Strauss
"Batik on Silk"

Tin Can Man Trophys
Jack Trimper



Sowebo Arts Festival, 2003
" topsy turvydom"


Charm City Five
Ukulele Extravaganza: Walker & Jay, Long Live Death, Don Peytonand Ned Oldham hosted by the Fleastompers ~ www.thefleastompers.com
Georgie Jessup ~ www.georgiejessup.com
The Wire Orchestra ~ www.newagehillbilly.com
Symbiont ~ www.symbiontmusic.com
Motor Morons ~ www.motormorons.co
Equus ~ www.equusmusic.net
Spoooge ~ www.spoooge.com
Steak House
Suburbian Super Group ~ www.thesuburbansupergroup.com
Zim Zowie ~ www.uglyworld.org
Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show ~ http://brotherloveshow.tripod.com/
Kwame Brow
Circle 9
Mongoloidian Glow
Puddle ~ www.donoteat.com
Stagger Stagger Crawl ~ www.staggerstaggercrawl.com
Bombs Away
Chester Stacey ~ www.chesterstacey.com
Brat ~ www.geocities.com/bratsbox2001
Landing Mechanics ~ www.readymadedesign.com/lm/lm.html
Great Northern
Arty Hill
Lawn Chair
Country Devils
Tommy Tucker
Barn Burners ~ www.thebarnburners.com
Black Hand ~ www.blackhandonline.com
Mark Brine ~ http://markbrine.com/mbrine
The Mighty Slumlords

Velvetene ~ www.velvetene.com

ilyAIMY ~ www.ilyaimy.com
Ryan Stinnet
Power Movement Project
DJ 1200
Raw Dialect
Clann an Drumma
Telesma.... with DJ Knowledge
Phil Keller
Soldiers of Jah Army ~ www.soldiersofjaharmy.com
Cytoplastik ~ www.cytoplastik.com
Drum Circle....."drummers welcome"
.....with movement from the "Tribe Dancers"

Childrens Event

Jack Trimper ~ Childrens art
Clayworks ~ (website)
Milkshake ~ (website)
Mr. Stanley Butler ~ Storyteller.
Black Cherry Puppet Theater ~ (website)
Jeannie Kemp ~ Children's muralist
Youthlight Photography Show

Arts & Crafts
Original Art

Anthony Corradetti ~ Glassblower (website)
Todd I. Melchizedek ~ Watercolor paintings, pen and ink drawings
Matt Sesow ~ Paintings (webpage)
Audrey Beardsley ~ Ink drawings, pastel, drawings
Jeff Hensley & Alison Newcomer ~ Small oil paintings (landscapes,
abstractions, figures, still-life)
Aldana & Campos ~ Etchings and photos.
Chris Mann ~ Photography. (website)
Glenn Shiring ~ Oils, pastels, and ink.
Todd I. Melchizedek ~ Watercolors
Wonder Wyndworks ~ Metal sculpture
Jim Pollack ~ Found object folk art
Dan Ruefly ~ Whimsical animals


Black Rose Design ~ Leather jewelry
TP Jewelry and Gifts ~ Ceramic miniatures, silver jewelry, yoyo balloons
Old World ~ Jewelry, customized on-site
Fashion For Exstacy ~ Jewelry
Beadesigns ~ Beaded jewelery
Alitas Jewelry ~ Jewelry made from hardware
Circle of Evil Gifts ~ Jewelrycomics
Gilded Peach Jewelry ~ Semi-precious
Umoja Craft ~ Jewelry, hats, clothing
Wendy Walters Design ~ jewelry, sterling silver
J&S Novelty ~ Spun glass, gifts, jewelry

Handmade Arts

African Images ~ Baskets and carvings
Beauty By Nature ~ African attire
Blue Ridge Cutting Board Co ~ Butcher-block cutting boards
Cedar Crest Art Studio ~ Ceramics
Cottage Crafters ~ Celtic designs, photos, cards, fine arts and funky bags
Spirited Glassworks ~ Boxes, mirrors, chimes, jewelry
Gnarly Artly ~ Original T-shirts
Millennium Sports Wear ~ Urban gear
Michele Basta ~ Bags, jewelry, and pillows
Re-Vamp (Agnes Moon) ~ Bags and pillows
2 Clever Girls ~ Gifts
Wears K8? ~ Bags
Kate Fleming ~ Fun, flirty spring clothing designs in bold colors with a vintage feel
Umoja Craft Association ~ Hand made items, jewlery and clothing
Gimmickwear ~ Originally designed T-shirts
Diandega ~ Handmade clothing
As The Wheel Turns ~ Pottery
Black Planet ~ T-shirts, patches, hemp jewelry, books
Book Rendezvous ~ Books
Second Chance ~ Architectural artifacts salvaged from Baltimore and beyond
Sister Rose ~ Readings
Non -Profit
Center Stage
Mt. Clare Museum House
The Spark
City-Wide Coalition/Baltimore Coalition to End War and Terrorism
New Southwest Baptist Church
Baltimore Hours
VOTE Baltimore
Hearts and Ears
Second Chance
Union Square Association
Theater Project
Bon Secours Hospital
Mercy Southwest Alliance