2005 Sowebo Arts Festival Archive

The Sowebo Festival Art Show thanks all the creative artists who graced our walls with their wonderful art.
Special thanks Dan Kwolek for hanging the spectacular Art Show and Marc Braun for his spacious Carriage House.

The Peoples Favorite Art ballots are counted and the winners are here.

2 Dimensional
Stephen Parlato

3 Dimensional
Dan Van Allen

Joe Rizza

Children's Fun
Special thanks to Laura Denz for organizing all the children's events.

And thanks to all the performers

The Kinderman

children's performer.

Steve's Jamboree
interactive music and instrument playing.
Jeanne Kemp
mural painting.

Jack Trimper
painted & twisting rope
Black Cherry Puppett

Sowebo Poetry
Special thanks to Julie Fisher, Mark Coburn and Jodi Mode for organizing the poets

1:30 Genie Strache
1:40 Rosalind Ellis
1:50 Dustin Baker
2:00 Olivia Haynes
2:10 Edward Hodges
2:20 Nikki Ian
2:30 Chris White
2:40 Karla Mancero
2:50 Eric M. Harris
3:00 Raga Blues Poetry
3:30 Doreen Peri
3:45 Lightning Rod
4:00 Black Cherry Puppet performance
5:00 Men Ma Aim Ra
5:10 Bonnie McAllister
5:30 Mad P
5:40 Anjelica Benner
5:50 Kennedy
6:00 Linda Joy Burke
6:20 Elise Mignon
6:30 Steve Yorkman
6:40 Pasckie Pascua
6:50 Water
7:00 Walker & Jay Show
8:00 Brian Langston
8:10 Ryan Coffman
8:20 Simba
8:30 Alice Hellawell
8:40 ByAnyOtherName
8:50 Richard Lane
9:00 Mr. Perez
9:10 Michael Scott Monroe
9:20 Eric Whitehair
9:30 Chenniah
9:40 Tom Swiss

Check out www.PoetryInBaltimore.com

The Sowebo Festival owes it all to these folks, a hearty thanks to them all.
Music & Festival Chair
Jim Hickey


Performance Art
Angela Wyckoff

Art Show
Dan Kwolek

Arts & Crafts & Non-Profits Chair
Ocean May

Children Activities
Laura Denz

Soweboposters & Web Design
Scotty Stevenson

Festival Marketing Coordinator
Debbie Lowtwait

Food Chair & Treasurer
Frank Trovato
frank@soweboart s.org

Sowebo Arts Inc President
Bill Adler

Special thanks to the
Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts and Comcast for their support.




The 2005 Sowebohemian Festival
thanks all the great musicians who brought their sounds and passions to our streets.

12:00 Alex
12:45 KOE > www.kinderofevolution.com
 1:30 Storm the Unpredictable > Storm_the_unpredictable
  2:15 Steve Devil and the Relatives > www.stevedevil.com
3:00 Kate Gaffney
T.T. Tucker and Bums Rush > www.tttucker.com
 6:00 Storage
7:00 The Motor Morons > www.motormorons.8m.com
MazelTov Cocktails > www.mazeltovcocktails.com

12:00 Addhash
12:45 Big Shaun
1:30 MofoFunka
 2:15 Hardheadz
Power Movement Project > www.computethemadness.com
4:00 Pilot
Tim Kaye > www.timkaye.com
Jenni Alpert > www.jennialpert.com
 8:00 Blue Star Kachina
 9:00 Animus > www.animusmusic.com

12:00 Lighter Thieves > http://www.aminibigcircus.com
Symbiont > www.symbiontmusic.com
The Sprouts
Angie Pepa > www.angiepepa.com
Jayakar > www.jayakarband.com
Later than Soon > www.laterthansoon.com
Wire Orchestra > www.mt6records.com
Clevis > www.myspace.com/clevis & Mudshark
To The Moon > www.tothemoonmusic.com

12:00 Audiofix > www.fixedaudio.com
The Big Stir
 1:30 Dirty River > www.dirtyriverdc.com
Dogs Among the Bushes
 3:00 Stalking Horses > www.stalkinghorses.com
The Johnny B Band > www.thejohnnybband.com
Big Daddy Stallings
6:00 Kendra Banks and the Family
7:00 Sipping Sugar
 8:00 Red Diamond > www.red-diamond-music.com

Special thanks to Pablo for organizing this new stage.

DJ's from Taxidermy
DJ's From the Charm City Soul Club
DJ's At the Alter of the Cosmic Unicorn
Sick, Sick Birds
Sab Grey and The Royal Americans
The Players
Mongoloidian Glow >

The Sowebo Festival thanks all the Artists and Arts & Crafts Vendors who brought their unique art to the "people".
Special thanks to Ocean May for organizing the largest turnout of arts and crafts folks of any Sowebo Festival.

Paul Bierman: Box Boy Demented Decoupage, furniture & frames
Stephany Wallace: 4 Andys, Glass Set in Silver
Denis Helou: Indigo Moon, Beaded Jewelry & Clothing
Ragan Sheridan:
Glass Wear & Sculpture
Allen Board:
Allen Inkworks
Dirk Joseph:
Ravenseal, Creations, Paintings & Crafts
Pat Dennis & Bob Giroux:
Bia Riaz:
Gypsy Junque, Beaded Jewelry / Henna & Bindi Body Art
Kimberley Sheridan & Angela Schaeffer:
Art For the People, T-shirts, Drawings, Paintings
Leslie Smith:
It's Art Hon > www.itsarthon.com
Lisa Bacon:
Spirited Glassworks,
Beth Sykes & Patrice Gentile: Be The Sky & The Seventeenth Wheel
Dana Bloomfield: Heathcote Earthings
Mary Butler: Maja Jewelry
Diana Campbell & Bakhita Southcott: Jewelry & Art
David Conroy: Alitas Jewelry
Patricia Cruz: B'more For Peace
Tom Doxanas: Gimmickwear
Gerald Gillis: Paintings & Sculpture
Dana Ellyn Kaufman: Paintings > www.danaellyn.com
Bonnie Macallister: Oil Paintings
Evelyn Ngong: Doors To Africa
John Nickerson: Gnarly Artly Design > http://www.gnarlyartly.com
Jean-Baptist Regnad: Squidfire Inc
Elizabeth Rodenhizer: Photos & Paint
Sylvia Roe: Art & Music& Soul Glassworks
Erika Rubel: Had Matter Art
Daniel Jerome Rykaczewski: Abstract Art
Matt Sesow: Paintings > www.sesow.com
Glenn Shiring: Art & Music > www.gshiring.com
Karen Wall: Wallgirlee Photography
Cheryl Moulton: Ooglie Googlies, Wild & Whimsical Tribal Inspired Jewelry & Wall Art
Anthea Zeltzman: Cool Aunty, Clothing & Soft Art
Charlene Fields: Beautiful By Nature, Batiks,Sarongs, Ethnic Attire
Joanne Douglas: Q-TEE, Prints
Larry Carrol: Larry Candle, Candles
Sharon Haefner: Rainy Day Sunshine & Knit This, Handspun Yarns
Pat Baker: Silver Rabbit Studio, Chainmail & Jewelry
Clifford Pankin: Book Rendezvous, Used Books
Dan Frank: Century 21
Michael Swanson: Swanson Classiics
Joanne Douglas: Native Rainbow
William & Phyllis Thomas: Art, Pen & Ink, Pastels
Mick Kipp: Whiskey Island Pirate Shop, All Natural Speciality Food
Sandra King Yolanda Smith: Jewelry
Andy Sanders: Original Art
Megan Roland: Paintings
Michelle Casey: Mendhi
Esther Avila: Clothes, Art, Jewelry
Sugar & Spice: Cultural
Jason Brandy: Art
Monica Bailey: Gift Cards & Frames
Cin Dee Lee: Art & Jewelry
Natty Boh: T-Shirts
Cleatress Tobe: Art by Cleatress


3rd Floor Project
Alternative Press Center
City Wide Coalition
SW Bmore Charter School
The Traveling Bonfires
The Village Natural Food Coop
Recycled Love

Food Vendors
Special thanks to Frank Trovato for organizing the food vendors.

Constantine's Greek Kichen, Timonium, MD
Tia Maria's Concessions, Baltimore
Asian Grille, Alexandria VA
Taste of International Food , Baltimore (Mother Saray)
Everything Nice, Baltimore
Rita's Concessions, Gettysburg, PA
Micha" Sorbets

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