Sowebo Festival

2008 Festival Committees

Kristen Faber

Micha Dannenberg

Brad Selko

Jane Buccheri

Betsy Waters

Cari Knowles
Food Vendors Applications

Special Thanks to Sowebo Festival Committee and our volunteers: Kristen Faber,
Micha Dannenberg, Jes Porro, Brad Selko, Adam Herson, Jane Buccheri, Betsy Waters, Cari Knowles, Kayla Averill, Amanda Smit, Christopher Gardner, Marco Kathuria, Bill Adler, Scotty Stevenson, Sowebo Arts Inc, and all unsung heroes.....


The Sowebo Arts Festival thanks all the amazing Musicians & Artists who graced our neighborhood for the day. We thanks all the tireless volunteers whose passion brought it all together. It inspires us for 2009......

The Music Lineup is near completion, bare in mind, things happen....

Corner of Schroeder & Hollins
Produced by Jim Hickey

12:15:  The Water
1:30:     Safeword Club
2:45:     Gizmo
4:00:     Gunwife Gone
5:15:     Grilled Lincolns
6:30:     Pasadena
7:45:     What’s Wrong with Rosalie?


1100 Block of Hollins Street
Produced by Brad Selko

12:00:   Petticoat Tea Room
1:15:     Armed Elephant
2:30:     TT Tucker
3:45:     Motormorons
5:00:     The Jennifers
6:15:     Shook
7:30:     3Fifths

1:00-1:35:   Brian Kendig
1:45-2:20:  Dogs Among the Bushes
2:30-3:00:   Jeremiah Clark
3:00-3:45:  Black Cherry Puppet Show / performed in the Black Cherry Garden
3:45-4:25:   illyamy
4:30-5:00:  Justin Allen
5:00-5:45:  Black Cherry Puppet Show / performed in the Black Cherry Garden
5:45-6:15:  Shane Burke

Sowebo Festival Salon Art Show
Our fanatically non-juried, un-vetted, “not for the faint of heart” Salon Art Show
Opens on the Sowebo Festival.
1138 Hollins, Northeast corner of Carrollton Ave and Hollins
Peoples Favorite Art Trophies are awarded to your favorite art. Grab a ballot in the gallery and vote!

"I'd Rather Be Sail Painting",

all day
A communal painting tsunami of sea worthy proportions. Grab a brush, roller, mop and jump overboard!

Congo Line,
Starts at the Bear in the Bear lot
It's the hokey-pokey on steroids, a musical topsy-turvy forced march around the bullseye of Sowebo. Hat or no hat, cut in line!

Bohemian Hat Making ..........4 the Congo Line......
We supply the materials, you supply the chrome dome!

Leave UR Mark Chalk Drawing
all day
It's the Sistine Chapel all over again, cept on asphalt...

Trash Sculpture
all day
Wanted! Aspiring litter bugs to create our trash sculpture with bottles and chicken wire...

Paint By Numbers
......tribute to Dan Van Allen
It could soon